Prescription Hair Medication

At Hair Doctors we believe in long term care of our patients. Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness is a lifelong progressive condition caused by sensitivity to a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It causes the hairs at the top of your head to thin and fall out over time. Starting early on prescription medications can help slow down the natural progression of Male Pattern Baldness and keep your hair healthier and thicker for longer. 
The two key medications in combating hair loss have been approved by TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Both these medications work alongside each other to tackle hair loss. One prevents further hair loss whilst the other stimulates hair growth. 
We understand that medication is a long-term commitment for hair loss and therefore at Hair Doctors we have developed highly effective and evidence-based medications to suit your needs and lifestyle. These ranges from combined oral capsules to topical solutions and foams. 
We also offer a variety of prescription medications for female hair loss.

Our experienced doctors will consult with you and will decide on your suitability for each of these medications.
Length of Treatment
We encourage our patients to continue these medications long term to stabilise future hair loss.
Expected Results
6-12 Months

How often are reviews done?
3 Monthly 


$99 for hair loss prevention tablet (3 months supply)

$119 for hair loss MAX prevention tablet (3 months supply)

$119-149 Male hair loss compounded capsule (3 months supply)

$199 Male hair loss MAX strength compounded capsule (3 months supply)

$199-239 Male hair loss topical solution or foam (3 months supply)

$139-159 Female hair loss compounded capsule (3 month supply)

$249 Female hair loss topical solution (3 month supply)

Before and After 3 Months Pictures!
Final Result in 12 Months

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Photo 11-11-21, 12 11 59 pm.jpg
Photo 12-11-21, 4 20 00 pm.jpg
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