Growth Factor Treatment

PRP Hair growth factor Treatment

Growth Factor Treatment

We offer the highest strength growth factor treatment as the perfect non-surgical alternative to hair regrowth.

At Hair Doctors we are proud to offer you the highest strength (1 million platelet per ml) and largest volumes (9-12 ml) of growth factor treatment. The treatment stimulates hair growth, slows down further hair loss and increases the hair thickness.


Growth factor treatment involves taking a blood sample from your arm which is then processed in a centrifuge. This separates the essential elements of the blood that are necessary for hair growth from the remaining blood and then injected back into your scalp.  

Length of Procedure

1 hour


Expected Recovery Time

24-48 hours


Expected Results

6-12 Months

How often are treatments done?

One session per month over six months for optimal result.  After this we recommend maintenance treatment once or twice yearly as needed


$600     1 pre-booked session

$1650   3 pre-booked sessions

$3150   6 pre-booked sessions

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